Thursday, 26 April 2007

First Midwife Appointment

Well I had my first midwife appointment on Monday. It was mostly just answering questions about medical history. They also took my blood for a bunch of different tests. I usually have a nightmare giving blood, but the midwife got it on the first try... always a good sign.

My first scan is set for the 30th of May. I couldn't make the first appointment on the 16th because I'm in London, so I'll be 14 weeks. I'm not going to opt for the 3D scan until my 22 weeks scan. Because it's national healthcare here, 3D scans are considered a bit of a luxury and come with a fee. While not too expensive, the midwife suggested waiting until there's a bit more to actually see. I actually had to reschedule the appointment a couple of times. Susan (Ollie's sister), myself and Ollie's mum's best friend Eileen are taking her to Donegal for a luxury spa break for her 60th birthday and we're supposed to leave that day. It's a bit awkward- the 'shared care option'. You see the midwives in the doctor's office for most of your appointments, go to the hospital and meet with your ob/gyn consultant for scans and any other invasive tests, and then meet with the midwives at the hospital for the remainder of your consultations. So anyway, I am assigned to 1 consultant and she's does the scans every other Wednesday afternoon- so unflexible, right? Anyway, so I was originally scheduled for 3:30pm and that was a bit too late, so I asked the receptionist if there were any earlier appointments and she said 'you're in luck, the 2 o'clock had a miscarriage'. Can you believe that? How horrible is that? I did take the earlier appointment, but didn't feel it was luck that let me get it.

I hope my next interaction with the reception isn't as insensitive.

Still no sickness, no nothing really. I can't wait to get this scan- I'll finally feel like I'm actually pregnant.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

7 week itch

Keeping this quiet has become quite a challenge! I figured, why not start a blog and you'll be able to share your feelings without telling anyone. Good idea, right? Not so when you use the internet. I didn't realise this blog would be listed under my profile, so God knows how many people know. Well, what's done is done and I enjoy having an outlet. I really can't wait for these next few weeks to be up and then I can tell everyone!!

So, 7 weeks. I should be feeling sick, but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I was on the phone with my Grandmother over the weekend and she told me that she never felt any sickness when she was pregnant with my mom and Aunt. Then my mom mentioned that she never felt any sickness with me or my brother. Happy days! I'm not really feeling much of anything... except constipation. Glad I shared that one, knew you were wondering. I've been increasing my water intake, but to no avail. Still have this metalic taste in my mouth, but no other symptoms. I guess I shouldn't be complaining- who wants to be sick, right?

Just waiting for our first midwife appointment so I can find out more about what the months ahead hold for me. I'm sure it's going to be super fun! Woo-hoo a little person is growing inside of me. I'm also letting myself believe that labour is going to be a synch. This little baby is just going to slide on out! Let me live in own little world, I'm happy there.