Friday, 30 November 2007

Ready and waiting...

Well I'm offically 40 weeks. The due date has arrived and there has been a bit of activity. I visited the doctor on Wednesday and when she asked if I would like an internal, I eagerly jumped at the chance. Ouch! Not terribly pleasent, but don't think it will be anything in comparison to what is to come! She said the head was fully engaged and after the internal I was around 1 to 2 cm dilated. She did a scan and the weight was 4.5 kg, which is nearly 10 lbs! I nearly freaked, but she said that it's never an acurate reading at this stage. She did, however, say we'll be having a 9 pounder... not going to be fitting into all of the clothes for much longer!

Last night I bounced around on my ball for a good 10 minutes before bed. Straight after I had to go to the bathroom and had my show. I was so excited. It's totally gross, but I know it is a good sign that things are getting ready down there. I'm just hopeful that the baby will be here before the end of the weekend.

Here's a picture of me at 40 weeks... massive!!

On another note, I have some very sad news to report. Our friends Marguerite and Ruairi were expecting twins in December. We were all so excited to be pregnant together. Marguerite went into labour last Wednesday night and had two wee boys, James and Jack on Thanksgiving day. There were complications and James, the larger of the two was very poorly and put onto a ventilator. Sadly, he passed in his father's arms on Tuesday after his ventilator was turned off. Today was the funeral. I was a bit worried about going because I didn't know how I would react, but I knew it was important to be there for Marguerite and Ruairi. It was the sadest thing I have ever seen. I didn't stop crying the entire service and my heart is broken for them. It was horrible to see the little white coffin and they were both in pieces. But they were supported by at least 100 friends and family that came to be with them on this sad day.

These events make me want to meet our little one even more. Just to hold him or her and make sure s/he is okay. Kiss your children and loved ones tonight and remember how precious our time is with them.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The home stretch

Well I'm entering my last week of pregnancy and I am completely sick and tired of it. I'm trying to stay positive and happy, but to be honest I just want it to be over. I want my body back, even if it's going to be completely different than it was. I long to sleep on my stomach and my back and be able to bend over and touch my toes.
Ollie and I went to see American Gangster (only came out over here) and then for an Indian on Saturday night. I woke up about 4 in the morning with some tummy pains, like period pains and though 'oh my god, this is it'. I was so excited that I was up until 6 am waiting for the next contraction and for them to get quicker and stronger, but no dice. I fell asleep disappointed and woke up for mass in the worst mood. This wasnt' helped by visiting our new house to see that the roof tiles have STILL not been put up. It's the same as it was 3 weeks ago and the other side of the street is progressing more and they're not even supposed to be ready until the end of February!

Anyway, I'm continuing with the spicy foods, getting in some long walks, bouncing like mad on my birthing ball... trying pretty much anything to get this kid out! I was with the midwife on Monday and she says the baby's head is about 2cms above my pelvis, which is good news and indicates engagement is right around the corner. Let that corner be today and that baby be ready on Friday!!

I'm just dying to meet him or her. I want to see what his or her face looks like and dress him or her up in all of the new clothes.

I went on a bit of a re-arranging craze on Monday (must be nesting). I re-organised our room and the spare room to get our mattress out from behind our bed, the crib beside our bed and everything all ready for little one's arrival. Here's a picture of the crib...

...we had to go for something quite small to fit in the room. We don't anticipate our long legged child to be in the crib for more than 3 months, by which time we'll be in our own house and have a proper nursery for him or her.

We also picked up the car seat and a travel cot (pictured below).

The store is holding onto our pram (see picture) until after the baby is born- we have no room for it. The pram matches the car seat (couldn't find our fabric in the pram pictures).

Right, well that's all for now. Hope the next post announces the arrival of our little one!!!

More belly shots

Sorry for the delay on these, but better late then never. I'm getting huge!

36 1/2 weeks...
38 weeks...