Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fun at the Market

We popped down to St George's Market on Saturday morning.  It's full of nice stalls with fresh fruits & veg, meats, crafts, cookies, muffins... loads!  A visit to the market is always a nice little family outing.

The stink face...

They had a bunch of cute little animals in- hamsters, chicks, lambs, goats, puppies and a rabbit.  They boys were so excited to pet them and get kisses.
We all want a puppy now... well Liam, Cian and I do anyway.

Snow Day

Just a quick post to share with those of you who follow my blog, but not Facebook.  We had quite the snowfall on Monday night/ Tuesday morning.  To say the roads were treacherous would be a huge understatement- it's the worst I've driven in and we had pretty bad snow growing up in New Jersey and very bad snow when I was at university in Massachusetts.  We live up the side of a hill on the edge of Belfast and it's tough to get up at the best of times.  There were a couple of dozen cars that were abandoned due to the snow.  Luckily I had someone looking out for me and I was able to get up the hill with the boys without much hassle.  They just aren't equipped for snow and ice here in Northern Ireland.  But with the winter weather getting increasingly worse these past few years, they will need to invest in more gritters and snowplows!

Playing out in the snow...

Building snowmen in the backyard...

So, with all of the 8 inches of snow, schools were cancelled and we had a snow day!  The boys were so excited to build snowmen and use the new sled we got on Friday.  As we live on a hill, there are loads of hilly bits throughout the development. This provided an excellent place to try out the new sled.

And a great little video of Liam enjoying sledding...