Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010

Tiger Boy- Liam's first face painting

We had a fairly fun filled weekend despite the weather being disappointing. Ollie took Liam swimming on Saturday morning and he didn't want to leave the pool. We had to coax him out with promises of bananas and chocolate. He had a great big nap and certainly worked up a big appetite for my pasta with homemade cheese sauce followed by Ben and Jerry's Phish Food frozen yogurt in a cone.

Yesterday we popped down to Victoria Square for the 'Big Toddle' event. Barnardos (the children's charity) was doing a family fun day with face painting, balloon animals and various other children related events. We quickly registered and then head up to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. We rarely eat out - especially with Liam. We're always a little afraid of how he'll act. Happy to report he was fairly well behaved. He was a little greedy with his adult sized pizza and only shared a slice with Ollie when his ice cream arrived. He has a ferocious appetite and eats bigger portions than me! After lunch we 'toddled' around the Big Toddle walk to the face painting station. We passed Domer the Dinosaur, but Liam was a little afraid and didn't want to get his photo taken. Liam decided (with some help from me) to go with a tiger.The artist was so lovely and really patient with Liam. He was pretty close to perfect, allowing her to paint all over his wee face.

Liam kept licking the face paint.

He was a little cautious when he first saw the finished face looking at himself back in the mirror.

But he soon thought it was the best thing ever.

He wouldn't let the mirror go and kept smiling at himself. The official photographer for Victoria Square asked if he could take some photos and Liam posed like a pro (wonder where he got that from)! Hopefully we'll see his cute tiger face online or in the magazine soon!

A final rrrroooaarrr for mommy when we got home.

Great family fun weekend.

Chicken Pox- take 2

So the main reason for our lack of posts and communication over the past month has been Liam's big battle with Chicken Pox. Although he had a very mild case just before his second birthday, his daycare had a major epidemic from Easter. He was one of the last of about 24 kids in his group to get it and boy was it a bad one. He had them everywhere- ears, mouth, body, scalp. Poor wee thing was covered. I took some pictures to document the mess.

He was pretty miserable with them. I made him some 'special bath's of ground oatmeal to help soothe and dry out the spots. He had to stay out of daycare for a week and was pretty much guaranteed for 2/3 weeks. The spots have all pretty much cleared up, but he has a few marks on his torso and face. I'm definitely going to petition for the introduction of the vaccine as part of the childhood routine vaccination programme over here. It was so hard to watch him suffer like this.

Gardening and other bits and bobs

A few pictures from the end of May and June. Liam loves to play in Annie's garden. He's very helpful with watering the grass and plants.
Liam has also mastered riding his little Trike. We need to remove the handle since he won't let us push him anymore.
Liam loves blowing bubbles, although he mostly blows up towards his brow than through the wand.

Cute picture of Liam enjoying some ice cream in the rubble that was our back garden. Ollie has now finished laying the patio and we're just finishing off the landscaping. Will post some pictures of the final project soon.