Tuesday, 22 May 2007

"Past the vulnerable stage..."

Well I'm 12 1/2 weeks and officially 'past the vulnerable stage'. I took the opportunity to spill the beans to everyone at work. I had actually told a good few people over the past few weeks, but told my boss and my other colleagues on Friday. Everyone is so excited for me. Ollie and I are super excited too!!

I just can't wait to get my scan... next Wednesday. I know it will make the whole pregnancy so much more real (especially since I really don't feel pregnant). And it will make it more real for Ollie.

I've booked Ann's spa break... I can't get any of the massages because I'm pregnant and they don't have a prenatal message therapist... so it's going to have to be a facial and a manicure for me... I suppose it could be worse.

Okay, well I'll have more to report after the scan next week... SO EXCITED!!!