Sunday, 5 October 2008

9 months... a few weeks ago...

I've been a bit busy. Back at University, working full time, dealing with a teething child and preparing for our trip back home. Still, I suppose, it's no excuse to deprive all of you from an update on our big man. Just before Liam turned 9 months I took him for a short check up with his doctor. He was 77.5 cms and 9.74 kgs! For height, he is still in the 99th percentile, but he's dropped into the 50th for weight. The general consensus is that he is a big, bright, healthy boy. I did mention his persistent cough and occasional wheezing, but the doctor did not seemed overly concerned. He explained that recent NHS reports have found that doctors are over diagnosing asthma and despite a family history (my brother had very bad asthma as a child) he felt Liam would grow out of the wheezing/ coughing. He did offer to prescribe an inhaler (not steroid based) to help with the wheezing, but Oliver was reluctant at this stage. We decided to keep a watchful eye and notify the doctor if it gets worse.

Other than that, he remains a very content little man- despite his teething! I feel so bad for the wee man. There's really nothing that helps the pain, plus it's been making him crap like mad. He had 5 poos at creche and then another one before bedtime on Thursday. That in turn makes his wee bum super red and sore. Poor baby.

He's saying mommy and daddy more consistently now. More with Ollie than me. I have a framed collage of some honeymoon pictures in the hall. I often point to a picture and say 'who's that, Liam?'. He'll look at the picture and say dada or daddy. It's so cute! He's trying to stand without support and is able to do so for a few seconds before falling on his bum. He's able to climb all the stairs and has been managing to climb down from the very bottom of the stairs.

His appetite is ferocious! He goes mental at creche when it's food time and must always be fed first. He also eats some of the other children's food. Think he takes that after his daddy. He loves string/strip cheese. Loves it! I've recently introduced eggs. He really enjoyed his cheese omelet the other day. And his new favourite is french toast- with a little cinnamon. I'm still making all of his foods and have recently introduced rice, which he is enjoying but is a little freaked out with the texture. I'm going to try salmon next weekend.

Some recent pictures:

This is how Liam feel asleep the other day for his afternoon nap. Notice his lovely clothes- Ollie dressed him that day. It won't happen again!At the end of September, we enjoyed a bit of an Indian summer. Actually, it was the only bit of summer we had this year. We went to the park, for a nice walk around the development and then to a beer garden (duh, we're in Ireland) for a few pints (Ollie), coffee (me) and water and baby cookies (they taste a bit like animal crackers). Liam enjoying his cookie.

And another cookie...

Last and first shorts of the summer.
Sunshine out the front...

Still waking up before creche...Think he looks older than 9 months in this picture. Don't you?