Monday, 24 September 2007

30 weeks… the countdown begins

Passed the 30 week mark on Friday and this last trimester has brought a whole host of new and fun things. I have developed the most evil heartburn/indigestion. It is relentless and wakes me up at night. I’m trying to cut out spicy foods (although I love them) and acidic fruits- oranges are my favourite at the minute. I carry around gaviscon (heartburn tablets) with me at all times. My feet are still swollen and I’ve signed up for reflexology classes at our hospital- hope they ring soon. I have heard that they can really alleviate the aches and pains if used consistently. My back is killing me- lower back especially. I am finding it difficult to get comfortable sitting, standing, sleeping. My bras are going to have to go- the underwire is digging into me like mad and baby seems to have discovered my ribs. Boy, this kid is a kicker. I seriously thought s/he was having a fit the other day when I received consistent punches/kicks to my left side for at least 1 minute straight. This baby is beating me up! My appetite has not subsided. I think I’m carrying pretty low, so the baby mustn’t be up against my stomach just yet.

We had our 30 week appointment/scan on Wednesday. The scan wasn’t terribly clear because baby has gotten so big. Seriously big. I was 29 weeks and 5 days at the scan and this baby weighs nearly 2 kilograms (1.85kg=4.07lbs). We are over the 90th centile for weight. See the chart I have reproduced below showing Baby Reynolds bigger than the average ‘big baby’. Oh joy.

They say the baby usually gains ½ lb a week, so if I go the full 40 weeks the baby should be around 9lbs. But the way this kid is growing, I could have a 11 pounder (I have just crossed my legs at the thought). I had blood tests done to check everything is okay. The doctor was really pleased with my growth and how everything was looking with baby. She said I shouldn’t really be worried about the weight because Ollie and I are so tall, so we’ll most likely have a longer baby which could account for the high weight. She didn’t change my due date, but said the growth indicates the baby is ahead of schedule and estimating the due date is just that- an estimation. I’m still hopeful that I will go a couple of weeks early- I hear your sniggers!

I have another picture of belly to post. Will do tomorrow as I don’t have my camera in work with me.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Belly shots are finally here...

18 weeks... think I may have been sucking in a little...

21 weeks...

24 weeks...

I'll have Ollie take another picture tonight, my 28 week shot. I've certainly gotten bigger since the last time!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Rash

I've been pretty lucky throughout my pregnancy. I didn't have any morning sickness. I didn't have any major issues with exhaustion or irritability (I'm sure Ollie would disagree). I've been a pretty smug mummy so far... until now. I have developed a horrible rash all over my belly. I thought it was brought on by switching from my Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion to Bio Oil, but I've not used that damn stuff in over a week and it's still here!

I visited the doctor last Friday and he gave me a hydro cortisone cream and said 'it's just folietus, an inflammation of the hair follicles'. What a load of crap. It's not gotten any better and the other night I could not sleep from the itching. So on Monday I booked another appointment and googled pregnancy rash. Big mistake. Why do I insist on self-diagnosis?? It's not a good thing for a semi-hypochondriac to do. I was convinced I had all of these ailments and was going to put my baby at risk. But I didn't stop there, I had to google image it as well. Lovely. So then I thought I would get the horrible rashes and lesions I saw. Stupid move, Reynolds, stupid move.

I saw a different doctor yesterday. She was lovely and took more time to listen to my concerns and skin rash medical history. She was about my age, I think. She phoned the maternity clinic to double check anything she prescribed me was okay for baby and confirmed that she thought it was a pregnancy rash as well. Unfortunately there's not much you can do. I don't have a severe case, it's more annoying than anything. I'm on an antihistamine and another cream. Hope it subsides at least.

Pictures of my lovely belly will follow shortly...

Belly Shots

I know, I know. I have been religiously taking the belly shots, but in our recent move I've completely misplaced the lead for the camera. I'm going to try and hook up my printer tonight- it has a section to insert your SD card. I think I should be able to save the pictures that way.

Keep looking back! I will get them on here eventually.

27 weeks, 4 days

Attended my 3D scan last night. We are not offered these scans on the NHS, so we went to a private clinic on the Lisburn Road, 352 Medical Consulting. We had to pay £230 for a ½ hour, but in my opinion it was totally worth it. The radiologist was lovely. We did a short structural scan in 2D and then the 3D scans. It was such and amazing experience. She took a few pictures, but allowed the scan to just run at most intervals (when baby was cooperating). We saw the baby yawn and smile (I think it’s a smile) and drink and rub its wee eye with its wee hand. I’m in love. I was in love already, but it seems so much more real now. My dvd programme on my laptop allows me to capture single frames (like taking a picture), so I’ve got some pretty cool ones below…

Our gorgeous baby smiling…

The little angel…

I’m really happy that we had the scan done. I played the dvd about 10 times last night when we got home. I think it will make the last few weeks a lot easier to get through. I’m just so excited to meet him/her in person!

Everyone has been saying baby looks like a boy… what do you think??