Sunday, 3 June 2007

First Scan

We had our first scan on Wednesday. I must say I wasn't wholey impressed by the experience. It felt like a deli counter... take a number and wait to move into another queue. You are able to go private here at an additional cost, but everyone that I know has gone with shared care- midwife lead, with your scans and any other major exams with a consultant at the hospital. They put us in the wrong queue and we were seen by the doctor who normally sees later pregnancies. She was very quick and a bit impersonal. The scan she gave us was very unclear and she spent no time showing us the different parts of the baby or really giving us a chance to enjoy the experience. Finally the nurse in attendance said 'I think you may have been placed in the wrong queue, we don't normally see patients this early on in their pregnancy'. We were then taken to another room and the doctor was much better. He did a great scan, pointing out the foot and arm, showing different angles. My placenta looks lovely... but of course! The measurements put the baby at 6 days older, but no change to my due date. The printer wasn't working so I had to use my lovely new mobile to take a picture.

Not a bad picture, huh? S/he was moving around quite a bit... almost raving inside my belly. Gorgeous little thing, huh??? I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get a proper picture, but at least the baby is okay. And I am feeling more optimistic about my future experiences at the hospital. I'm considering a 3D scan at 352 Medical Consulting. It's a bit expensive, but seems like an awesome experience. We'll get dvds and loads of pictures... as long as I can get an appointment.

Okay, well I will need to get a move on it. We have tons of packing to get started on. Will post more pictures soon.