Thursday, 3 July 2008

New tastes

Liam has been trying some finger food. I figured since everything else that's picked up goes in there, I may as well try some solid food. He has been taking some Veda (a malted brown bread) at the nursery for his afternoon snack. We've now tried some toast with a little unsalted butter, some baby sweet biscuits (cookies) and apple slices. I'm going to start introducing cheerios and some vegetable sticks. Here's his first experience with toast...
And trying some cookies...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

First day at nursery...

Liam started nursery on Monday. It was a difficult day for me and I called 4 times during the morning to make sure he was alright- which, of course, he was. In fact, he was great. He loved all of the attention, new toys, other babies and all of the food. When I picked him up he was covered in sand from playing in the indoor sandbox. He gave me a big smile and babbled loads at me when I came in.

Here he is getting ready in the morning. Everything gets covered in slobber since everything goes straight into his mouth.And again with daddy..
On Tuesday, Liam used finger paints for the first time. Here is his first piece of artwork. Monet eat your heart out! Suppose it's more Jackson Pollock.

I'm really pleased with the staff and environment at the nursery. I've noticed he's been more vocal and trying out new sounds. I think being with the other older babies will really help with his development.