Friday, 30 March 2007

Congratulations, you're pregnant

I visited the nurse at my doctor's office today. I needed to confirm 100% that I was pregnant. I had no problem giving a sample seeing as I'm using the bathroom three times as much as I usually do. She did a test then and there and also sent a sample off. I was so excited when she said 'congratulations, you're pregnant,' I really had to stop myself from doing a little dance around the treatment room. She has initially estimated my delivery date as the 28th of November. I've made my first appointment to see the midwife for the 23rd of April. I'm so excited!

I told Ollie's mom today and she cried with joy. She then had to tell Ollie's sister, Susan, who was over the moon as well. Ollie's still in a bit of shock, but really excited to be a dad.

I hope that the next few weeks go smoothly. I am going back to the gym and getting a medium to low impact exercise regime designed for me. I'm letting myself enjoy the next couple of days, but the hard work begins on Monday. I want to be fit, fit, fit when I have this baby!

Well, that's all for now...

Thursday, 29 March 2007

It's positive

I had gotten my hopes up again when I was 4 days late this month. After 2 unsuccessful months, I didn't want to be disappointed. I had Ollie pick up a pregnancy test from Boots and when I returned from my conference in Dublin I took the test. I was anxious and nervous and praying for a blue plus sign to appear. It was a bit faint at first and my hopes were crushed, but then Ollie read the instructions more closely and it said it didn't matter if it was faint. As the next few minutes passed by, the lines got darker and darker. I was so excited that I started jumping up and down in the bathroom. It looks as though my prayers to St Gerard have worked!

Ollie was worried about me getting my hopes up. We've known a few people that have had miscarriages lately and didn't want to face that upset. He wants to keep the pregnancy hush hush until we're around 3 months along. I completely understand and agree, but I am horrible at keeping secrets like this!

I'm off to the doctor's tomorrow to get a proper test and discuss next steps. I don't fully understand the pre natal care system here. My experience has always been- you go to your OB/GYN and that's who you will deal with for the duration of your pregnancy. Although there is that option available here, it seems to be for special cases on the NHS or you have to pay extra and go private. The normal course of action is midwife lead care. I'm a little unsure of how everything will work, but I hope the next few weeks all will become clear.

So, how am I feeling? Well, my breasts are incredibly sore and I feel really tired. I don't have any morning sickness, but I've heard that it may not start for another few weeks. I really hope I don't have any sickness. I'm super excited and finding it really hard to hide the smile on my face. I'll try my best to keep it under my hat, but think that will be easier said than done.

I'm continuing my prayers to St Gerard to make sure the pregnancy goes well. My aim is to update this log every couple of weeks. I'll soon add pictures once I begin to show. I'm so excited to be a mom!!!