Sunday, 1 November 2009


Liam dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween. He wouldn't sit still for any face painting and there was no chance of him wearing a hat, but he still looked pretty cute.

Here's little Anya as a kitty enjoying a biscuit...Liam and Anya together- they are really cute together... future couple perhaps?

Our friends Ruth and Sean had a kids party at their house (some of the adults dressed up too). There was loads of food (Liam tried everything) and bobbing for apples. Liam got straight in there and splashed the water all around the kitchen. He was soaked.

Fireworks, for some reason, are traditional at Halloween in Northern Ireland. ?? So there were loads of fireworks going off and Liam got to try out a little sparkler (under supervision of course).
At the end of the night... he stayed up until 8:30- way past his normal bedtime. Still up pretty early the next morning though :(


Yesterday we got the stickers out and totally covered ourselves with them. For Christmas last year we bought Liam a GeoTrax. He was a bit too young to enjoy it back then (plus there are a bunch of tiny pieces that would go straight in the mouth), but we thought he was ready for a go (plus Ollie wanted to try it out). I put it all together while Ollie made dinner (bit of role reversal there). Liam placing some of the people in the train.

He really enjoyed it and I'm sure we'll be playing it loads over the coming weeks (until new presents arrive for his birthday and Christmas!)


Some pictures of my latest creations:

Cupcakes for our friend's halloween party

Cupcakes for Liam's Halloween party at daycare
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese- even Ollie and Liam loved it!
Low fat fish pie- this was super tasty, but I forgot to put in the salmon so it was a little light on the fish
Chicken and veg pie- I made a little error of cutting the sides of the pastry first which meant they shrinked away from the edges. But, according to Ollie, it still tasted great.