Friday, 31 August 2007

25 weeks, 5 days

I had another hospital appointment. I think they have actually mixed up my times and given me a few extra appointments. I’m not complaining… I suppose any chance to check on the bun in the oven is a good thing. It was a fairly quick scan, blood pressure check and check for protein in my urine (all came back fine). The doctor asked if we had found out the sex and I said ‘no, but I’m dying to know’. He then teased me a bit and said that he knew and could tell me. I REALLY REALLY want to know!! I know it will make the last few weeks more exciting and maybe I'll be able to deal with the labour a bit better, but I just want to know dammit!

He took measurements of the abdomen and our little one looks like a porker!! The baby’s measurements put him/her at 27 weeks, 1 day- a whole 10 days ahead of schedule. S/he is also 1.01 kg or 2.23 pounds! Already!! This puts him/her in the 90th centile- I still don’t fully understand what that means, but I’m guessing it means that s/he is above average. The doctor actually said, ‘you’re sure feeding your little one well’. Cheeky bugger! Considering I am really lacking on the baby bump front, I was just thrilled to know that some of my weight gain is actually made up of the baby! I’m 15 pounds up. Which is a bit much, really- but since the baby is pretty heavy??

I have no energy. I attribute this entirely to the fact that I am not exercising at all. It’s completely ridiculous and will change today. I’m in yoga tonight, but it’s not the most aerobic thing I could be doing. I know my energy levels will improve once I get my fat arse up and start moving about. I need to stop being so lazy. I have no excuses anymore- no house to worry about, no moving to be frustrated over… just need to get this booty of mine moving!! Walking is free. Plus, I’m still paying a freakin’ gym membership. Hello???
I’m going to start looking at prams and furniture this weekend while Ollie is in Liverpool. I haven’t had any money, nor has my head been in the right place to think about all of the stuff I need for the little one. I’m going to start compiling lists of things I/we need and prices and (hopefully) allocating them out to the relatives to buy! He he. Baby shower & bridal showers are not the done thing over here, so I don’t get the advantage of a bunch of pre-chosen gifts before baby’s arrival. That’s not to say that you don’t get gifts, but I would dare say they’ll be more than likely clothes rather than more practical items. I think I might still do a bit of a list and casually mention it to friends.

23 weeks

The back pain continues. It’s almost unbearable at the end of the day. I mentioned this to the midwife at my last midwife appointment (7 weeks ago), but I’m not sure if she took me seriously. She seemed to be attributing it to a bit of weight gain and hormones. I’ve got to get this sorted out! Hopefully the yoga will help.

The baby is kicking like mad!! I was reading a book the other night in bed and I got this serious kick on the right side of my belly. Some force to it! It really took me off guard. The movements are also throughout the day, rather than just at night. The baby is stirring like mad. I feel a bit of movement when I wake up, mid morning, lunchtime, afternoon… this kid is up all of the time.

I’ve been really fortunate throughout my pregnancy in that I’ve not really had to pee like mad. I only get up once a night to run to the bathroom and I only really go two or three times during the day- which is pretty normal really. I was carrying a bit lower at the start, but seem like I’m carrying a bit higher now. I guess the baby isn’t pressing down on my bladder just yet. Latest pictures show I’m getting a bit bigger.

I’ve just started reading ‘Diary of a mad mother to be,’ on my friend Anna’s recommendation (she’s due at the beginning of November). It’s a great read- definitely a funny and engaging book. And my God, it’s like this woman is me. Seriously! All of the little neurotic tendencies I have, she has. It is great- I don’t feel like I’m totally mad.

22 weeks, 6 days

I started my pregnancy yoga class. It’s great. Totally packed…. I didn’t realise there were so many of us preggos! I’m going with a friend from work who’s 5 weeks behind me. I also saw a friend, Deborah, at the class. But it didn’t really matter if you knew anyone or not- you got to know the people beside you very well. It was fun and very entertaining. We started off by doing some relaxation (totally need this) and then went into some movements. I’ve taken yoga on and off since I was in grade school (first time I went was with my Aunt- I think I was around 9 or 10). And I’ve always gone back to it. I’m blessed with great flexibility, so I enjoy the stretching and contortion. It’s not very advanced when you are pregnant- no mystic dancer for me! She also puts in little exercises and movements for common complaints- we all list any issues we are having at the beginning of class and she incorporates that into the class. I’ve been suffering a bit from swelling of my legs and ankles. Seems that my flight back home and the hot, humid weather was the catalyst and I’ve never recovered! So, apparently celery and pineapple juice help get rid of the problem.

It’s actually quite physical! My legs were quite sore from squatting down with my partner for the night, Diane (I think, this pregnesia is wiping out my memory). Over the next 6 weeks, I’ll learn techniques for relaxation, labour and after. I might then book another 6 week course bringing me close up to my due date.

Scanning the room, I was checking out the size of people’s bumps who were around the same week as me… I’m definitely hiding it well. There were some big bumps in there- mine the smallest and by far from what I could see.

Oh, I had on a pair of loose sweatpants and my ‘Rage against the machine’ t-shirt. I think I’ll try for a more maternal t-shirt next time!

21 weeks, 5 days

I had my structural scan done this week. What an amazing experience! We spent more than an hour with the consultant looking at every little bit of the baby. We decided not to find out the sex- although I’m just dying to know!! Ollie said, ‘it’s a boy,’ because I guess he thought he saw a little pee-pee, but I think you might have to have a bit of training in order to see it with the naked eye. I couldn’t tell. We looked at the baby’s head and saw all the parts of the cranium and little brain inside developing. We looked at the spine and feet, legs, arms, hands. This baby is super active! I’ve been feeling him/her for a couple of weeks now, but the kicks and punches are getting so much stronger! We took a long time to look at the heart and could hear the heart beating. Checked out the kidneys and hips and took loads of measurements. This baby is pretty big- all of the estimates are putting him/her around 1 week ahead of schedule (hopefully, my delivery will be ahead of schedule too!). My placenta and uterus are both looking lovely- whatever that means. All in all we’re doing really well.

A few pictures of baby will be added shortly...

S/he wouldn’t give us a profile shot. Just kept looking straight in the direction of the scanner- such a poser! Moving his/her hands around like crazy. Kind of looks like s/he is waving…

16 Weeks

Well, here is the belly in all its glory at 16 weeks. I think I’m starting to show, but no one else agrees. It just looks like I’m either retaining a lot of water or I’ve been drinking a bit too much beer.