Monday, 22 December 2008

Some cute pictures...

Liam loves to work things out. This is his new little booster seat for Grandma's house. He is trying to work out the buckle.

Not the best picture, but I just thought it was cute... His hair is so curly and it's getting very long. I'm half tempted to cut it, but it's too lovely.

Sucking on his spoon- he loves his yogurts!

Liam is one year old!!

Well, it's certainly hard to believe that it's been an entire year since I popped out my 10lb+ little monkey. I can hardly imagine my life before Liam arrived... it has been completely turned upside down (in a good way, of course). He has changed so much since that first day we met him. He has the most adorable, cheeky little personality. He has near tripled in size (will post up his latest doctor's report when we visit the doctor in early January) and is more like a wee boy each day. He has 2 teeth on the bottom and 3 teeth half way through on the top (that's been fun!) He loves all food- I mean everything! He will take broccoli and asparagus and runner beans from my plate. He's down to one formula a day and is enjoying cow milk with his breakfast and a glass with his lunch. He loves cheese, eggs, bread, all vegetables and fruit. We recently introduced a small amount of chocolate- milk chocolate, which he gets around once a week if he's been a good boy. He is a total eating machine! Today he had 3 small bowls of cornflakes at daycare and was screaming for more. The girls there say they've never seen a child his age eat so much. He's still mostly in 12-18 months, but our clothes here run a little big. He took his first steps back in October and now walks all around the house. He walks around 90% of the time and will get from seated to standing completely unaided- he's also started looking and laughing at us between his legs as he props himself up to stand- I need to get a video of that it's very cute! He's still mostly saying baba, mama and dada, but will try and repeat words like cat, dog, hiya, bye bye and whatever we encourage him to say.

We had 20 people around to our house to celebrate Liam's first birthday. It was a great day and we're so happy that so many of our friends could make it. I made a few big lasagnas (and a veggie one for me) along with salad and cupcakes and brownies. I was cooking for a couple of days. A friend at work made Liam a cake to match in with his 'jungle buddies' theme. Liam loved the candles and everyone singing happy birthday to him.

Liam, Matthew and Oliver... the three amigos.Oliver is so cute and loves to smile for the camera!
Daddy trying to get his son started on the drink a little early.The closest we could get to a family photo... little man was tired after a long day and no nap.

Liam made out like a bandit.. thank you so much to everyone for making his first birthday so special!

We also had a little family birthday party. Liam got to eat loads of cake.. which meant a big sugar rush and some interesting diaper changes.

He was so cute. Happy birthday wee man!

Oh, and I have a couple of cute little videos from his party, but they appear to big too large- hope I can get it on here at some point.

Jack's 1st Birthday

Ollie, Liam and I all went to Jack's big first birthday bash. Ruairi and Marguerite went all out. They rented the chapel hall to hold the 50 guests, had a magician, tons of food, Santa (Ruairi in a santa suit) and fun games for all of the kids to play. It was a really lovely day and Jack was beaming with the biggest smile all day. Few pictures from the day:
Liam playing a bit of pass the parcel...
Cara with her cutie, Anya.
Jack with his cheeky little smile (can't get it to turn clockwise- computer being annoying)...
The boys...

Great day! Happy Birthday to Jack!!