Tuesday, 18 August 2009

First Haircut

Liam had his first haircut on Saturday. It was getting so long and kept falling into his wee eyes. He was a good little boy flirting with all of the girls. We tried on the smock...
But he wasn't really having it. I had the juice box and 'In the Night Garden' books at the ready to help entertain him.
He started to get a little bothered after about 7 or 8 minutes, so I just asked Martina to leave the back. We'll maybe go back in a couple of weeks to get it trimmed a bit more. Thankfully we didn't cut off all of his curls and his hair has retained the waviness.
We went to little Patrick's christening on Sunday. Liam has been suffering with very sore teeth and spent most of the service being entertained outside by his daddy. He looked really cute and trendy in a new set of clothes I got him from Next.
Playing around with daddy...
He loved playing with the balloons all day.
Little Anya was in great form and as cute as ever...
I didn't get any nice photos of little Patrick or Oliver, but the day was lovely and so much fun for all of the kids!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Let's make some pizza

Some of my fondest memories as a child were when I would get to participate in making dinner or dessert. My mom would have fish or tacos or pancakes on the menu. My brother and I would gather in the kitchen and help mom make dinner. We'd each get to flour, egg and breadcrumb the fish. We'd get to create our own tacos with a variety of different ingredients. We were each official spoon and bowl lickers when it came to baking cakes and cookies. I loved this family time and think it's one of the reasons I enjoy cooking and baking so much.

Well tonight was my first interactive dinner night with Liam. I made some homemade pizza sauce at the weekend and Liam helped to assemble his mini pizzas. It wasn't a very adventurous pizza- simple Margarita, but we had a very fun time.

Getting the cheese on the mini pizzas...

'This bit of cheese looks a bit dirty mommy. We can't use it in the pizza. I'm gonna have to eat it!'
Let's give it a try...
Mmmmm... that's good pizza!
Maybe some homemade chicken or fish goujons next time...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Belfast Taste and Music Festival and Miscellaneous Pictures

We all went to the Belfast Taste and Music Festival on Saturday. As the name suggests it's about food and music. There were guest cooks from Chicago bringing tasty canolis, deep dish pizza and other yummy treats. The weather started off nice, but had an unfortunate 20 minute (ish) rain shower. We huddled under a golf umbrella to wait for the shower to pass. The rain didn't dampen the day... it's Belfast (aka rain city) afterall. Liam is a food monster and had a try of everything we did- beef, kangaroo (both eww!), prawns, squid and brownies. Liam enjoying some prawns...He would rather drink what we're drinking... thankfully Ollie wasn't having any beer that day! Only problem with Liam sharing my water is the backwash... ew!

We met up with some friends. Here's Stevie with his little cutie Anya (wearing her birthday present from us).

Anna and Nigel brought their new son Patrick and his big brother Oliver...
Liam was all about litle Patrick and kept giving him kisses and trying to wake him up from his slumber. I think he wants a little brother or sister!!
He also loved trying out everyone's buggy...
Getting a little annoyed with daddy... he was tired after an adventureous day. We explored the entire park that day. He's such a busy little bee!
He's some old ones. Until recently, Liam's been a little afraid of the rides at the supermarket. Here he is on his first ride with Bob the Builder.
And on the little plane...
My friend Eric was over from the states for a wedding in Newry. He came up to Belfast for the day and Liam and I went to the park. Here Liam is petting a little dog we met in the park- he loves dogs.