Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cian is 2 months!

Wow, that was fast! These past 2 months have flown by quicker than I would like. It is nice to see him starting to get into a routine and to watch him get more alert and interested with each passing day, but it reminds me that my maternity leave is also flying by. I mean, I still have 6 months left but it's moving by too quickly!
**special mention for my BFF Heather who made the lovely blanket in the picture above**

So what's our little man up to... he had his 8 week injections last Thursday and was not impressed. He did the whole crying so hard he didn't make a sound but turned beat red. It broke my heart- I think I'm going to see if Ollie can bring him next time. We also saw the doctor for a check up and she thought he was doing brilliantly. He's got great head control and is very sturdy. Everything is where it should be and she was charmed by his flirty little smiles. I discussed his spitting/throwing up with her and she confirmed that she thought it was reflux. We now have to add a milk thickener to his bottles and so far it's really doing the trick. He was never too distressed by throwing up but this way he gets all of his feed and it stays down. I have to wait for the thickener to work which gives me enough time to nurse before his bottle. He is a great sleeper at night and has been from the start really. We now usually give him his last feed around 8/9pm and he wakes for his next feed at 5/6am. I suppose that's one of the advantages of combination feeding and the thickener might be helping as well.
He's for the most part a pleasant baby- I've started playing him the baby Einstein dvds and he's really into them (they are only 30 minutes). He still is pretty cranky at night, but we have seen an improvement with this as well since starting the thickener.
We started yoga yesterday and he did great. He got a little fussy, but was easily calmed down with a quick nurse. He was noticing all of the other babies and mommies and enjoyed the singing and tummy time. I enjoyed the yoga, relaxation and meeting the other mommies and babies. I'm really looking forward to the remaining 8 weeks of the course. I'm looking into a baby massage course too.
Some pictures from the past week...
Just thought this picture was cute. Cian thinks Liam is pretty amazing and he gets the most smiles after me.

Tummy time...
He is one long boy.
Big and little brothers...
My big eyed boy. I really have to try and get a good picture of his eyelashes. They are so long and beautiful.