Wednesday, 27 October 2010

US Trip, October 2010

I know it's been far too long since my last post (2 months!), but this should be a fairly long and action packed one for ya'll. Just a bit of laziness has been holding me back. I'll try and get my act together!

We were back home in the states for 2 weeks in the middle of October. I tried to fit in as much as I could, but didn't manage to see everyone. There were a bunch of fall festivals going on and we thought Liam would love running about on a farm. Here he is enjoying the bouncy castle at Windsor Farms the day after we arrived.

Pony rides with daddy- he was a little hesitant at first, but couldn't stop talking about it afterwards...
Family shot- we never get these, it's always one of us taking the photo. We took advantage of the extra set of hands.
He's not standing up completely straight, so it's not the most accurate measurement of his height. He's tall like me and Ollie...
He had to pick up the biggest pumpkins on the patch- showing off his strength!
With Nana Jersey- he's saying 'cheese'.
We got him a proper short haircut when we were home- I thought it was about time. He's looking cute in his Ireland Rugby kit.
No rugby balls, so an American football will have to do. He's not too bad at throwing and caught a couple too!

He's getting so big, but I still think he's my little cutie.
Celebrating uncle Mikey's 30th... Liam really wanted to blow that candle out first!
I took a trip down to North Carolina to visit with my bestie Heather and her family. It was truly a quick visit- about 24 hours, but brilliant to see her! Here's Sam holding the newest addition Annarose. What a complete angel Annarose is, I didn't hear her fuss or cry once! And Sam is so smart and inquisitive. He loved showing off all his toys and dance moves!

Since Ollie was only staying a week, we had a big birthday celebration for all of us- Ollie and I were the 23rd of October, my grandma is 90 on the 18th of November and Liam is 3 on the 8th of December. We had yummy Carvel Ice Cream cake and had presents too! Here's my grandma with Liam. I love this photo. He has her wrapped around his little finger- every time she would come over to the house Liam would say 'Oh Biznona (Great Grandma), I missed you'.
Silly kid smiles.
We checked out another farm, Terhune, on the following Saturday. It was cold and windy but Liam had a great time with the animals, especially another little pony ride with Rigatoni the Pony.

My mom, Liam and I all piled into the car for a 6 hour road trip up to Massachusetts to see my best friend from university, Rachael, and her 2 cute little twins. Here's little Miles napping away.
And Blake snoozing on Grandpa George's chest.
It was great to see them all, even though it was another super quick visit. Hopefully next time we come home, we'll have more time!

On the last night I was home I had a little pizza party with a few of my old high school friends, Lorie, Cherie and Suzanne. It really felt like we were back in high school, gossiping, sharing memories and just enjoying our time together. Here's Suzanne's little cutie, Lauren. She was full of smiles (not in this photo) and laughter.
I hope we can all come back next Autumn with our newest arrival (due in late February).