Friday, 11 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

Liam's 2nd Birthday Party

Liam's turning 2 on Tuesday so we threw a big party on Sunday to celebrate. We rented out the Mount Eagles Community Centre since the kids are so active an need a nice big space to run around in. We decorated with tons of balloons and an 'In the Night Garden' theme. Before everyone arrived...
The birthday boy arrives...
The birthday cake.... this sucker took me ages to make (all from scratch), but it looked really well on the day. I got loads of compliments from the parents and the kids all loved it!
And the cupcakes (again from scratch)...
We had Jo Jingles come by for entertainment. All the kids really enjoyed playing the games and singing along with the songs.
With Oliver (left) and Matthew (right). It's hard to get the kids to sit together for a picture!
Happy Birthday! Liam tries to blow out the candle.
The tons of presents for the birthday boy. Also shows my Friday night project - the party boxes. I spent almost 2 hours sticking foam stickers on each of the boxes, personalising with names and and fun treats for the kids.
Liam helping clean up after the big party...
Here's Liam opening up some of his presents. His rosy cheeks are an indication of how exhausted he was... he slept a full 14 hours!!
Thank you to all of his little friends for coming along and making his party so fun. A special thank you to Liam's Great Aunt Linda and Grandma for sending over so many presents... and so many gadgets for helping me create such a special day for Liam.