Monday, 31 March 2008

Liam's Christening

It was a lovely dry and bright winter's day. The sun came out especially for our little man as he was christened. The service was at St Teresa's Church on the Glen Road. It was a joint christening with 5 other babies... none, of course, as absolutely gorgeous as our Liam. All of the babies were very well behaved throughout the service with no peeps, except for a few burps from one of the little girls. Liam looked adorable in his little outfit. Here he is getting ready in the house. His robe has these cute little bloomers as well as a bonnet that I didn't make him wear.

The outfit was a cotton and linen blend and had a gorgeous celtic cross embroidered on the front. Aunt Linda, his godmother, also brought over a baptismal bib which was embroidered with his name and date of the christening.

Here we are going into the church. It was a chilly day, but at least dry and bright!

After the service we all headed to the Balmoral hotel for a small reception. Loads of our friends joined us with around 50 people enjoying a buffet along with a traditional Irish music session arranged by Liam's godfather, Uncle Gerard. I got a cute little cake which was supper tasty!

Liam got tons of presents. Lovely clothes, beautiful picture frames, books, keepsake albums, toys, stuffed animals and other bits and pieces. He made out like a bandit!

We all had a really great day!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

3 Months

Sorry for not posting up pictures in a while... we've been busy! I am waiting on my aunt sending me through pictures from the christening, so I'll post them up as soon as possible along with a commentary on the day.

As for our big boy, here is our 3 month round up. Big Liam is a whopping 15lbs 7ozs and 65cms (25.7 ins) long. He looks much bigger than a 3 month old! He is only in 3-6 months and needs 6 month bottoms most of the time as he is so long. He has been taking 7-8 ozs of formula and has is still sleeping from around 9pm until 6am. He wasn't sleeping as well when we had the visitors here... I think there was just too much stimulation for him. He has been pretty unwell since his last injections last Thursday. He's been having diarrhea and vomiting pretty constantly. I was worried me might get dehydrated and started giving him bottles of cooled boiled water with a little bit of sugar and salt. He's not a fan of pediolite, so that was the only way to ensure he was taking fluid. I felt so bad for him. He was still full of smiles and laughs, but just couldn't keep much down. Poor wee man. We saw the doctor yesterday and she checked him over. He was on his best behaviour, as normal, and she just said to keep up with the fluids. He wasn't dehydrated and seems to be much better today. The doctor commented on how alert and coordinated him movements were, noting that he seemed quite advanced for his age... of course he is!!!

He got tons of lovely things for his christening. This kid doesn't need any clothes until he's about 2! He got some really cute toys and loves to touch and feel and put them in his mouth. We also noticed last week that he was taking his pacifier out of his mouth and then popping it back in again. Here's one of his favourite toys at the minute...

I also started placing him in his Bumbo chair the other week. He's been strong enough to hold up his head for months now and he loves to sit in the chair and look at himself in the mirror. He smiles at his reflection as well as mine... although I'm sure he doesn't know that he is looking at himself.

He's also started to fall asleep in every position, especially in his daddy's arms. He cracks me up! He'll be up cooing away and then just pass out. Sometimes he passes out during feeds or on the bumbo chair. He's so funny.

He also gets spooked sometimes by the flash. I love these photos!